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These twelve signs correspond to the iz months of the year; and it is probable that their 54 lussojsts ijst astrology. On the Sun's approach to the second constellation, Taurus, April the bull, the cows are about to bring forth their young. The third sign, Gemmini, May was originally two kids, and signified the time of the goats bringing forth, as these animals generally produce two at a birth while the former, the sheep and the cow, commonly produce only one. The fourth sign, Cancer, June the crab, an animal that goes sideways and backwards, was placed at the northern solstice, the point where the Sun begins to turn back again from the north to the southward.

The fifth sign, Leo, July the lion, as being a very furious animal, was thought to denote the heat and fury of the burning Sun when he has left Cancer and entered the sign Leo. The succeeding constellation, and sixth in order, received the Sun at the time of ripening corn and approaching harvest; which was beautifully expressed by one of the ancient female reapers with an ear of corn in her hand, viz. But this did not symbolize the season as it should, hence Scorpio was superceeded by another, and at the Autumnal equinox the days and nights are equally balanced hence the asterism of the maid holding the balanced scales, emblem of justice.

As ye have labored in the Summer so shall ye reap in the fall. And Libra September shall weigh the fruits of the season and with uplifted arm declare the division of Summer and 1 fall,' hence Autumn with its fruits in abundance affords the means and causes of disease, and the succeeding time is the most unhealthy of the year, therefore expressed in this venemous animal, Scorpio, that stings as it receedshere spreading out his long claws into one sign, as threatening mischief and in the other brandishing his tail as if to denote the completion of it.

The fall of the leaf was the hunting season, for which reason the stars which marked the Sun's place at this season formed the constellation Saggitarius, November the archer, a huntsman with his arrows and club, the weapons of destruction he used for the large creatures he pursued.

There yet remains two signs, Aquarius and Pisces, to indicate their origin. With regard to the former it may be said that the winter is a wet and uncomfortable season; this was therefore expressed by the figure of a man recumbent pouring water from an urn, this corresponds to January. The last of the classical Zodiacal constellations was Pisces, February a couple of fishes tied together that had been caught.

The lesson was the severe winter is over, your flocks do not yet yield their store, but the seas and rivers are open, and there you may take fish in abundance. From Aries to Virgo are the commanding signs. From Libra to Pisces are the obeying signs, the first six are Northern because they decline from the Equator to the North Pole.

The latter six are Southern, declining in the opposite way to the Southern Pole. The obvious reason for calling the former six commanding is because they are far more powerful in their influence from the fact of being nearer to our zenith and vice versa. The Southern signs are correspondingly weak, hence of lesser influence; therefore subservient in action or effect.

They are to be understood in a general sense only, for in each case the ruler of the particular sign will bear rule in a great measure. The descriptions apply to males in particular. For females the characteristics arf greatly modified, softened, refined and subdued. ARIES Is an equinoctial, diurnal, cardinal, movable, masculin, hot and dry eastern sign of the fiery triplicity, choleric, bestial, intemperate and violent.

MENTALITY : Very ambitious, courageous, enterprizing, aggressive, contentious, desirous of public prominence, very active and ingenious and rather violent, hasty disposition; prone to anger and can not bear contradiction with ease.

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PHYSICAL FORM : Denotes a short, strong, well made, compact body, large, broad forehead, big face, large eyes, large full mouth, rather thick lips, heavy broad hands, coarse hair—usually black or brown—of shining swarthy complexion; short neck. PHYSICAL FORM : Represents one of middle stature, upper part usually larger than lower, stronger than looks would indicate, roundish face and indifferent complexion, sometimes the face is quite long and slender, broad forehead, hands and feet small ; low voice, usually gray eyes.

If a female will be quite prolific. LEO Is hot and dry, choleric, mas. Yellow or light hair, full round head, large clear full deep set eyes—sharp and piercing— grip with hand strong, firm determined features ; bold, courageous, fearless, a noble disposition. MENTAL POWERS : Faithful friend and magnaminous enemy, opposed to deceit, despises small mean actions, proud high principles, resolute, haughty and extremely ambitious, generous, free and very courteous, slow to anger, but once aroused as terrible as the lion.

Is a barren, earthy, cold, melancholy, southern nocturnal sign; the second of the earthy trigon. Face rather on the longoroval, though occasionally quite round, full large forehead, hair usually brushed back around ears, inclined to baldness, grey or dark eye, seldom blue; straight full nose, quiet subdued tone of voice, quick active walk. MENTALITY Very equable temperament, generous nature, just, upright, the soul of honor, rather fond of display and in this they show fine taste and great refinement, very sensitive, good conversationalists, extremely ambitious, high spiritual development, artistic, very tidy and particular, amiable and high principled.

Hairy body, beetling brows; full, sharp, piercing eye, short thick neck, usually short to middle stature, corpulent later in life, square jaws and round face. Usually good surgeons have this sign strong.


This is a hot, dry, fiery, ctiol eric easterly, common masculine and bicorpal sign; the last of the fiery trigon. PHYSICAL FORM ; Usually above the middle stature to tall, well favored countenance, ruddy complexion, fine features, oval face, clear keen, quick eye, hair grows thin over temples, an intrepid horseman, good rider, fond of all sports and exercises; jovial nature.

MENTALITY : High minded, good, generous, jolly, wholesouled disposition, averse to brutality, though this sign usually denotes a hunter—a patron of sports—inclined to the pleasures of life, very fortunate in most things, far-seeing, sharp anylitiCal mind, capable of great learning. The last of the earthy triune. MENTALITY : Sensitive, melancholy, very energetic, inclined to brevity, with a keen collected disposition, quite witty, deep as an artesian well and extremely subtle, able in government, reserved, secretive, though occasionally quite loquacious, changable and a good politician, inclined to be revengeful.

Robust, healthy constitution.

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Associates only among the intelligent, fond of study and deep research, a good orator and fond of music. This is a nocturnal, watery, cold, phlegmatic, feminine, wintery, common bicorporal, north'n, vy idle, effeminate, sickly, fruitful sign; the last of the watery trine and of the Zodiacal twelve. PHYSICAL FORM ; Short indifferent stature, ill composed body, rather large face, white, palish, wan complexion, body fleshy or swelling, rather stooping when walking, and holding down the head; quiet, slow heavy eye, very fond of the water and sometimes inclined to drink.

Somehow always provided for, fond of pleasures and very amorous, secretive, fair judgment, though very changeable in opinion, etc. We will now proceed to examine the natures of the planets—eight in number. And in doing so it will be necessary to part the veil which hides the material from the spiritual world. It will be necessary to again have recourse to the sages of the almost forgotten past and consult the ancient records preserved through countless ages by the learned pundits of India's mystic land and then to trace it to the Egyptian, Babylonians and Chaldean as well as to show the means adopted by the Theurgists of old to hold sacred communion with the spirits of the ambient.

The first we will examine is Uranus. This planet is the author of all the mysterious and psychic phenomena so much in evidence these closing days of the 19th century. Uranus denotes great originality, independence, eccentricity, and denotes the "higher self," that is, the spirit mind of man. As Saturn denotes the sordid, selfish, miserly character, and usually the narrow minded bigot who can never see anything beyond the narrow confines of their limited horizon which may be their particular creed, dogma or belief, and who are ever ready to oppose any new venture or innovation with which they do not happen to be in sympathy, generally refusing to others that which they claim for themselves—freedom of thought, belief or opinion and its expression.

So Uranus truly characterizes the other side and denotes the individual who is ever ready to see the good in all things. They are the true investigators; not the poor superficial smatterers who succeed in getting into one rut, be it Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Theosophy or Spiritualism and anchoring the frail craft of humanity to that one lonely rock in the midst of an ocean of overwhelming truth cry out like a lonely sea gull in search of its mate; I deny—I deny—my belief is the only true belief!

This is the spirit of the Uranus influence, the true occult investigator; the honest unbeliever of dogmatically revealed religion is denoted by his wonderful enlightening influence. He is opposed to mere belief, and spiritually personifies absolute knowledge. Under his regenerative ray we have entered the realm of invention and psychism.

Under his beneficient rays today man stands stands forth in all his power, free from persecution for any belief, enjoys greater freedom from sectarianism, and lifting his eye to the blue dome o'erhead whispers, "We see by the light of thousands of years And the knowledge of millions of men The lessons they learned through blood and in tears Are ours for the reading—and then— "We sneer at their errors, their follies and dreams.

Their frail idols of mind and of scone, We call ourselves wise, forgetting it seems, That the future will laugh at our own. The unafflicted rising position is very good for the reason that it gives ability to read human character. They are great lovers of truth and thoroughly despise deceit or hypocricy.

They intuitively know whom to trust and whom to be wary of, hence are seldom imposed upon.

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They rarely belong to any particular Church or creed as they are just naturally opposed to dogmatism, their religion generally consists of the belief that to do good and act right is the main essential. They usually incline to all occult matters and make the best Spiritualists and explorers in the vast realm of the mysterious finer forces in nature. He is the "prince of evil" or the personification of Satan. In the Hindoo cosmogony he is the embodyment of the destructive principle in nature, corresponding to the godhead "Siva" of the trinity Brahma—Vischnou— Siva the destroyer.

His symbol the scythe h suggests the weapon of the grim destroyer— Death.

In the engraving he is pictured on an elephant's back, this suggests his slow pace in the heavens, as he requires a triflle over 29 years to make a revolution around the Sun. He is the author of hate, envy, malice, vindictiveness the scourge of humanity, cold, cruel, bitter, unfeeling, constant, steady and firm of purpose, the soul of secretiveness and reservedness, thus we LESsoys iy astuology. However, he is not always entirely evil, for if well placed in the horoscope he contributes to solidity of intellect and great honest perseverance, a striking instance of inflexibility and firmness of purpose is the horoscope of the late Gen.

Grant, who had Saturn rising in Taurus, and he died of a throat disease denoted by Saturn, slow and tvearing. As Uranus denotes the psychic and occult, Saturn denotes the exact opposite or the strictly material, he is opposed to all new things or ideas, taking a delight in tearing down, destroying. Criticizing, self-opinionated characters usually have this planet quite strong. No matter what their own belief may be they usually object to a different belief in others.

I have known Spiritualists who had Saturn strong, bitterly oppose and denounce Astrology, though I have never noticed one without a strong Uranus nature, afflicted, which merely indicated deficient reasoning powers.

When Saturn is strong, the material spirit thoroughly predominates and generally denotes the bigot and sectarian, opposed to advancement, with a shibboleth of rule or ruin. The sooner one finds out whether he is subject to the Saturn or Uranus spirit the sooner will he become master of himself, thus "ruling his own stars" by bringing himself up to a higher spiritual development and the conscious knowledge of his inner weaknesses, but still more of his "grander" self.

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Jupiter, aside from the Sun, is the largest planet in our solar system. His influence is eminently benefic, being the author of power, wealth, place, honor, esteem, etc. In the Hindoo, Jupiter is pictured astride a boar, an animal less wieldy and of more speed than the Saturn beast, hence conveying the idea that Jupiter is swifter in motion, requiring but 12 years to make a solar circuit. But in mythology Jupiter was fond of the hunt, and the boar was the favorite chase.

In this engraving he is represented holding a book which suggest the character of a law-giver or an ecclesiast, and astrologically he frequently denotes both characters. It is the Saturnian mission to destroy, but the Jupiterian to build up and preserve by his wonderfnl spiritual rays the race from Saturn's destructive elements or the "Siva" influence. Jupiter is the embodiment of strength, power, wealth, honor, etc. He represents in an eminent degree the just, courageous, fortunate individual, kind, generous, free, open-hearted, never suspecting evil thoughts and deeds inothers. He is devout, therefore a natural representative of an ecclesiast or divine; he delights in places of public worship and also in law.

Ever ready to forgive and lending a helping hand, free from guile and deceit, courteous in his acts, ready to accord others full hearing and opposed to intense dogma.

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When Jupiter rises or is strong at birth, many of the foregoing traits are clearly marked, the native usually leads an honorable, upright life, is well beloved and is very successful, also generally lives a long, happy, oeaceful life and seldom wants for anything. There is much in this engraving to attract the attention of the student of esoteric Hinduism, and especially the Astrologer. Tlrs picture requires a little examination. First we see what may be understood as the personified Sun seated on the back of a Lion. This merely suggests the power of the Sun in Leo, the lion, which is his Astrological house of power, dignity, etc.

Therefore the picture represents the "Sun in Leo.

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