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My Daily Horoscope - Taurus - 2nd decan

Now we're in the Aries-Leo Decan This planet will have the Sun as a co-ruler, adding more dimensions to interpretation. If you've got a planet between twenty and thirty degrees of Aries, then it falls in the Aries-Sagittarius Decan You can quickly see how someone born with a 5 degree Aries Sun, a 15 degree Aries Sun and a 25 degree Aries Sun will all have varying expressions of their solar energy.

The principle of Decans can be applied to any of your planets or other points in your horoscope -- so explore the terrain and have fun discovering just how unique your birth chart truly is!


Let's say your Venus is in Virgo at 12 degrees. Virgo is an Earth sign and the degree would fall in the second Decan which, when we follow the natural zodiac, brings us to Capricorn. Mercury rules Virgo and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Suddenly we can see how this Venus placement has both qualities to it and that may explain why, if you have this Venus placement, when it comes to love you're more conservative and logical than most. In matters of money you might be an incredibly astute business person with this Venus placement!

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The hands-on alternative inhibits and limits their ability to cope with it. Nothing is to be left to chance, and everything should be under strict supervision. Artistic enthusiasm and analytic scrutiny are the two opposite mindsets that Venus and Mercury bestow upon a Taurus native. The internal duality seems to put them at odds sometimes with the proper way in which to solve a problem.

Thanks to the influence of Mercury , the Taurus-Virgo natives are thought to be amongst the most intelligent of the Zodiac.

Their thoughts run wild and uninhibited, depending on the situation and state of mind. Be it pragmatism or philosophical bits of knowledge, a Taurus born in Decan 2 can do both with no problems at all. When it comes to interpersonal relationships, Taurians prefer their partners to be straightforward and deeply committed, but in an honest and romantic way.

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Attention-seeking and affection-begging is not the name of the game here, not in the least. What really baffles other people is the dichotomy between how they appear to be and how they actually are. The outer appearance seems that of an observing and socially aware individual, but deep down, contemplation, analysis and planning actually set the whole mechanism in motion.

Their ability to adapt to any situation fuels their analytic capabilities, being a testament of their great potential. Capricorn, being the patron of the Tenth House of professional success, glory and social prestige, gives the Taurus native the drive to succeed in any context, under any circumstances. This gives you awesome power and influence. The extreme boost to your ego and confidence levels means that you will be able to make big advances in all areas of life. Your sexual magnetism and self-assurance will attract lots of attention. September 16 to October 5 — Mars trine your decan brings energy and passion that is well-balanced and not aggressive.

Your directness, initiative and good instincts will impress superiors and bring professional success.

Extra charisma and sexual magnetism make this a good time for your love life and social life. October 23 to November 2 — Venus opposite your decan brings activity in your social and love life but you may feel like indulging in pleasure more than going to work. October 18 to November 11 — Mercury opposite your decan is the most hectic time of the month when the increased tempo of life could make you feel anxious or confused.

October 18 to 21 — Mercury sextile Pluto on the 19th brings deep and intense thinking and conversations. The probing and penetrating nature of your mind can uncover secrets and plots.

Your powerful intellect combines with a strong intuition to make you very persuasive when talking to others. This is also a good time for study and exams. October 23 to 26 — Venus sextile Pluto on the 25th brings a longing to share the love with someone special. If single you may become obsessed with someone.

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A new romance would be a whirlwind experience and greatly change your life. Deeper feelings of love in an existing relationship can evolve it to a more profound or spiritual level. October 28 to November 1 — Mercury conjunct Venus on the 30th can make you feel uncomfortable or awkward in social situations. Carelessness with your words and a tendency to be opinionated could lead to disagreements or embarrassment.

Conflict is unlikely but this is probably a time for listening more than talking. October 31 to November 20 — Mercury Retrograde can play havoc with your thoughts, communications, travels, and electronics.

What's a "Decan" in Astrology?

It should be relatively easy to resolve any communication mishaps because of a prevailing sense of cooperation and harmony. Taurus horoscope October is based on planetary transits to Taurus Decan 3, not to houses, zones or sectors. Menu Skip to content. Search for:. September 21, September 30, Jamie Partridge.

second decan taurus horoscope Second decan taurus horoscope
second decan taurus horoscope Second decan taurus horoscope
second decan taurus horoscope Second decan taurus horoscope
second decan taurus horoscope Second decan taurus horoscope
second decan taurus horoscope Second decan taurus horoscope
second decan taurus horoscope Second decan taurus horoscope
second decan taurus horoscope Second decan taurus horoscope
second decan taurus horoscope Second decan taurus horoscope

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