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Cancer Weekly Horoscope October 7, 12222

A series of eclipses finishes up in your sign and your partnership sign on June 21 and July 5, helping you set the stage for that new beginning in relationship matters.

Cancer Horoscope A Promising Year For Cancer Zodiac Sign

And if a partnership did end earlier in the year, this could signal the start of something new with someone who is even more suited to you. Aside from the emphasis on love and relationships, might also be a year of professional re-alignment. Mars will retrograde at the top of your chart starting September 9 and, until November 13, might leave you feeling like you've lost your mojo in terms of professional ambition.

You may simply run out of steam in continuing to pursue a goal. Or, you might realize that you're no longer interested in the rat race of competition and getting ahead -- you'd rather do something that makes you feel sparked. If that's the case, you just might have struck gold with this retrograde. When you stop pushing so hard, you'll realize what you really want. Eclipses also begin touching on your health axis this year for the first time in many years.

The first, on June 5, will occur in your 6th House of Health and Routine at the same time Venus is retrograde in the opposite house, the 12 House of Hurt and Healing.

Venus enters Sagittarius on the 1st and remains through the 24th. This can improve workplace conditions. You might discover something new about a friend or associate at the time of the Full Moon in Taurus on the 12th. The New Moon on the 26th inspires optimism about health and work.

You can shine at work while the Sun visits Sagittarius beginning on the 22nd. Jupiter begins a twelve-month visit to Capricorn on the 2nd. In your relationship sector. You could get married or ae some other commitment to a partner. Optimism prevails while the Sun remains in Sagittarius until the 20th. The mood turns more serious when the Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st.

Close relationships are in the spotlight while the Sun and other planets are in Capricorn. Mercury is there until the 15th. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are there all month. While Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are there, you might you might enjoy opportunities to improve your main relationships. Mars in your 6th solar house implies you might have to deal with a heavy workload.

Venus visits Pisces in the first week. You can benefit through study, travel, and interactions with people. When Venus enters Aries on the 7th, you might find new business and social contacts. Once the Sun enters Pisces on the 19th, you can learn useful new skills. When Mars enters Capricorn on the 16th, be extra attentive to your partner and others close to you. The Sun, Mercury, and Neptune pass through Pisces this month. A good time for learning new skills and taking advantage of cultural opportunities.

Venus enters Taurus on the on the 4th. You can enjoy pleasant activities with friends. For example when you say yes to a proposal, a marriage proposal.

Cancer 2020 Horoscope – Love, Health , Money & Career

Or when you say yes to move to another state or even another country when you get a once-in-a-lifetime business proposal. You will feel joy but it's also closing a chapter in your life. Making decisions can give you a bit of a bittersweet feeling, but nonetheless; the joy will be greater than the sorrow. Dear Sagittarius, it seems that in you will be confronted with old fears and also new fears.

You can be plagued with guilt or worries about your future. But there is absolutely nothing to worry about. False evidence appearing real; that is what fear is. Please keep that in mind when your worries keep you awake at night. Try to stay in the moment when your mind bombards you with things to worry about.

A very helpful tool to stay in the now is reading books by Eckhart Tolle or listen to his videos on YouTube. You will start something new in and you cannot immediately see where or what this will bring you. You are planting seeds and they will grow into full fruition far into your future.

So everything you start this year almost has the promise of the universe that it will be successful. This year the universe asks you to be bold and daring. To be reliable and to trust in yourself.

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In terms of love you are like a magnet this year. You are very fertile in every area but also if you want to try to have a baby; this can be your year. It seems that you want to speak your truth this year. As long as the critique is honest you can handle it. It also looks like you are going to discover secrets. Everyone has big and small secrets and you seem to have an extra sixth sense for this. This year is a very good year to invest and this applies to every area in your life whether it's work, your own business, relationships, wanting to have a baby, buying stock, buying gold or silver and so on.

The coming years you will reap the fruits of the things you started or invested in in Dear Capricorn, you can expect a lot of movement in You will feel a lot of Fire energy this year. Sometimes you want to move ahead really fast and the fire energy will make sure that you can go like the wind. This will be a good year for you if you have to deal with the law , like court cases, settlements etc. You can become an authority figure, increase your knowledge and show others that you are fair, down-to-earth, sometimes firm but always realistic. Travel can take you abroad to places you've never been before.

Overseas travel with lots of adventure. Capricorn is an earth sign and earth signs don't like change, but this year you will feel an urge to change. To bring more excitement into your life. To act on your impulses and this is really new for Capricorns.

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This will also be a very creative year for you. In terms of love you can expect a second chance with someone or maybe your current relationship will feel more passionate like it did in the beginning of your relationship. Single Capricorns have the chance to meet there soulmate. You are open for love this year and also a friendship can turn into a romance. This year will go very fast for you. You have learnt a lot over the last year's. This year will ask you to move fast and don't overthink every single detail.

You can trust your intuition, trust your heart. You have grown dear Capricorn and that makes it unthinkable that you will make wrong or fatal decisions. The keyword for you in is Trust. Dear Aquarius, the main theme of will be turning within and seeking inner knowledge. You like to be on your own this year.

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Of course not all of the time, but you prefer solitude instead of going to every party and invitation. You want to get to know yourself better, maybe you will start to meditate and delve into your own wisdom. You can have several big A-ha moments this year. This year can even turn your point of view totally upside down.

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And you start to see things from an entirely new angle. You are ready to surrender , give up some of your thoughts and ideas that made you feel like you were stuck.

Cancer Year of 2020 Reading

This will also be a very busy and successful year. You have to find new ways to deal with the new responsibilities. Be aware that you need to relax when things are growing over your head and you feel overwhelmed. And on top of all this, in the second half of a new idea or a new business opportunity will present itself to you!

It's the beginning of something new and it will be very successful. It will make you feel alive , full of energy and sparkling ideas. It's a good thing that the main theme is turning within because with all the success and new ideas you need time for yourself to turn within and protect yourself of being overwhelmed.

In terms of love you either want to break free or you want to have more freedom in your relationship. It's not freedom so you can see other people, it's freedom to develop yourself, to be unique and not dependent on someone else. For single Aquarians you can experience love at first sight out of the blue that will change your world and turn it completely upside down. When you have build a wall around your heart, you can expect that he or she will break down this wall in a couple of seconds.

Dear Pisces, you will work hard to earn more money in You will make more hours but that doesn't seem to bother you. You learn a lot as you go and you also experience more joy in your work life. Somehow the year will give you the feeling that you finally get the chances you are longing for.

That you can grow to a higher level and maybe even find your inner calling.

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Cancer tarot card 2020

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