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Aquarius Child Traits, Personality, & Characteristics

We all have great personality traits and some awful ones that seem to come out when in a relationship with another zodiac sign.

Sure, I really only have myself to blame for the person I am, but my zodiac sign still plays into that a lot. For starters, Aquarius is an air horoscope sign , as is Libra and Gemini. And as an air sign, they tend to be deep thinkers who love to get into the thick of a problem to figure it out.

They are also able to handle abstract problems like a pro because they tend to see the world in a different light; they definitely don't think like every other star sign.

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And as for being different from all the other signs, their individuality and uniqueness is what often makes them seem "weird" and unusual to people. In other words, if you're not already an air sign, you will probably never really know what's going on inside that head of Aquarius'. Like air itself, Aquarius tends to be hard to pin down.

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Even when you think you've got them all figured out, they do or say something that proves you don't know them at all. But even though it can be hard to really know what truly makes up an Aquarius, you can't deny that their main goal in life is to make a difference and bring good to the world. And although their hot and cold attitude can drive you totally crazy, there's something about just having an Aquarius in your life that makes everything seem a little better.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus. Under Uranus, Aquarius gets their penchant for rebellion and the urge to explore new things in life. The position of this planet also makes it easier to understand why Aquarius is so drawn to being an independent and forward-thinking person; Uranus is the planet of originality and freedom, after all.

January 26 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Aquarius - Part 1

And as for the mode of Aquarius a fancy word for category , Aquarius is a fixed sign, along with Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. This means that they are more likely to be introspective rather than outgoing, and are more stubborn and rooted in their beliefs than other zodiac signs are. What box? They are innovative and unique, they can dream up schemes and ideas the rest of us simply cannot.

They also often wear really weird clothes or have bizarre hair dos. In our society, this typically marks them out as the eccentric of the group. The world is their oyster. They care what happens on our planet and beyond. There is a deep sense of justice, liberalness and fairness in all Aquarians. They just don't "do" petty shit.

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This leads them, more often than not, into alternative lifestyles, campaigning, charity and green politics. Though their natural intelligence, fair mindedness and great wit often wins them a wide circle of eclectic friends, ultimately Aquarius stands alone. They will not compromise their ideals, morals or need for freedom and independence for anyone.

Maybe because of all this "big picture" brain activity and lofty idealism, Aquarius simply doesn't sweat the small shit. This is cool, except when you need them present and correct in the now. This can be a challenge. Good luck. Sci fi. Oh, they love a phone upgrade! Give them techy toys, and leave them alone for days. They will not complain.

When there is so much going on in your head, you gotta' get it out, right?

Aquarius Sign Dates, Traits & More

They are an Air sign, after all, so the wide open space above us is their natural element. Any opportunity to fly, hang glide, sky dive or get up in the clouds is welcome and snapped up. Avante garde art. The latest poem consisting of only words beginning with 'A', or a new artwork featuring simply an upturned dustbin, may not appeal to us mere mortals Let's look at their positive and negative aspects.

Aquarius Sign Traits Overview

Positive Traits Friendly With a good sense of humour, the Aquarius-born love to share a joke and lighten the atmosphere wherever they go. Birth Horoscope - Free Use the power of Astrology to understand yourself in a better way and get a sense of direction and purpose in life. The cosmic imprint of the stars has a profound impact on your life.

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    Aquarius Woman: Characteristics and Personality of Aquarius Female

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