Capricorn rising sign horoscope

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They are often considered to be isolated individuals who prefer to stay alone although this most certainly is not the case. Capricorn Rising individuals will accept responsibilities as it is in their nature to accept challenges.


The riskier, the better for a Capricorn Ascendant. They are among the best managers on the planet. Deep down inside, though, they are very sensitive and caring individuals who will do anything to make their loved ones feel secure. They do not shy away from financial assets and materialistic endeavors and prefer the company of people who belong to their financial strata. Their image is very important to them, after all.

Once you receive the word of a Capricorn Rising sign, consider it final and binding, for these individuals are very trustworthy. Capricorn rising signs are sociable individuals who like people to appreciate their ideas and adopt them. They often prefer to spend time alone and have few friends.

This trait of theirs, however, gives others the impression of them being snobs, though this is not really true. It is only with friends that you show your sense of humor and express your feelings. Such individuals find solace in their own company and will not feel comfortable with strangers. They are often perceived as arrogant , which is something completely untrue! They will not easily commit to a relationship and need time to know you well before they open up. They are not very easy going and bubbly; they will get to know you first and understand you and your traits well before they commit to a relationship or friendship.

Ascendant in Capricorn Woman

They will also value financial security a lot, which means they will prefer their partner to be someone who belongs to the same strata of their society as them. Capricorn Rising individuals tend to bond well with Cancerians and Librans as they have the capability to show their emotions. They also make gentle and caring mates who can balance your personality well. An ideal partner will be childlike, being able to bring some fun in the otherwise serious life of a Capricorn Rising.

They are highly reliable and faithful individuals who know how to maintain a relationship well. They are like the coconut: hard from outside but extremely sensitive and soft from the inside. In fact, you might be surprised to see their real, inner side when you discover their true inner personality.

They are very straightforward and cannot tolerate dishonesty and injustice of any kind. They will not take a moment to rethink their decision to snap all ties with someone who is not worth their trust and friendship. They are extremely dedicated to their family and loved ones and will place a lot of values on their families and traditions.

The security of their family and loved ones is their prime concern. They constantly worry about their future and what lies in store for them and their loved ones. It is against their principles to cheat and tolerate deceit and betrayal of any sort.

Capricorn Rising individuals, in fact, do not like to be in the company of people who do not trust them. They will not easily express their inner thoughts and emotions freely, particularly to people they have known for a relatively short time. When it comes to their personality, a Capricorn Rising individual boasts the same level of maturity as an adult right from a very early age. This is to say, they will not exhibit childlike behaviors and will uphold what is right and just irrespective of their age! They are extremely loyal and warm: much warmer than they initially appear.

They must try to not isolate themselves and place a wall all around themselves. It is fun to make friends with everyone and express your feelings and emotions freely, at least, once in a while. You follow strict laws and will like others to follow them as well without exceptions. You work extremely hard with a strong focus on your goals which allows you to reap the benefits of your hard work later. You tend to be a highly sensitive person who is concerned about how others around you regard your beliefs.

Capricorn Rising signs also have the capability to guide others well. They tend to lead groups when given the responsibility to chase goals. They will adhere to rules and not break them, making them strict disciplinarians.

Capricorn Rising: Personality Traits of Capricorn Ascendant | Rising Signs

They are also blessed with the capability to make quick decisions. They are very dedicated, confident, and sincere in their approach to everything. They are often very image conscious and want to appear successful. Your ruling planet Saturn might make you sadistic at times.

Rising sign - What is your Ascendant sign and why does it matter?

In fact, these individuals face a lot of troubles in their lives but with their zeal and approach are bound to overcome them all and succeed. Capricorn Rising signs are highly responsible and can be trusted to get things done.

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Once they take a project up, they will not stop until it is completed in the desired manner. They are very organized and patient individuals. Capricorn Rising signs are always busy with themselves, planning and working towards achieving their goals and objectives. They are very competitive and make talented scientists, for, discipline is key to unravel scientific mysteries. They are often pioneers of advanced and breakthrough technologies. For you, strength means being able to achieve your targets.

Your main goal is to explore all aspects of reality and that too, in your own way. Such individuals are often sober and simple in their appearance and conduct. They have nice eyebrows and a lean physique.

Capricorn Rising - Your First Impression

They are medium tall and have dark colored eyes. Capricorn Rising signs are known for their bright and uplifting smile. They also have a very piercing look. They often have coarse hair.

They will always have a concerned and grave expression on their face. In fact, they are constantly worried and thinking about their future. The present is all there is, after all. Capricorn rising signs must welcome each moment with joy and happiness and strive to do their best and leave the rest! They might often become pessimists and lose all optimism. Capricorn Rising signs should try to worry less and instill positivity in their life. They feel dissatisfied with some aspect of their personality or the other.

They might appear to be confused, lacking self-assurance. However, once they find the right mentor or guide, they will bloom into beautiful flowers. This, in fact, is the very reason why Capricorn Rising men often take up the role of a fatherly figure for the others who need their help. If you look deeper, you will find that Capricorn Rising signs have often had a difficult childhood or early life.

The Capricorn glyph is represented by the Billy goat that continues to climb mountains. Nothing, not even a volcano or earthquake can stop them from reaching the summit. Now it may take a while because they tend to stop and think premeditate on their way to the summit, but they will surely reach the height in due time. Capricorn's are generally quiet, thoughtful, and contemplative and carry an air of dignity, self-respect, self-esteem and self-confidence. Oh - they know they can do it!!! They are also a highly ambitious sign and will persevere until they have reached their goals.

They can work very long hard hours without becoming the least bit discouraged. They may be downright tired, but even that will not stop them. They are fully capable of "using" all of their opportunities to their advantage, hence their motto, "I use, therefore I AM" especially when it comes to business. Their organizational skills are unique and systematic. Because they are capable of so much attainment, they are persistent, determined, cautious and calculating every step before they take it.

An intense amount of thought and concentration is loaded into every careful step they take up to the summit. It's only a matter of time. Because of their careful steps, they achieve greatness on such a grand scale. Capricorn naturally rules the 10th house of career, fame, fortune, reputation, status and standing in the community. Capricorn natives are naturally ruled by the planet Saturn, which is a far, distant and cold planet.

Therefore, their feelings are not demonstrative and they do not easily show sympathy.

capricorn rising sign horoscope Capricorn rising sign horoscope
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capricorn rising sign horoscope Capricorn rising sign horoscope
capricorn rising sign horoscope Capricorn rising sign horoscope

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